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B.A. in Chemistry

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry: This degree is intended primarily for preprofessional students in the heath sciences and related areas, as well as prelaw students interested in patent law. Candidates must complete the following chemistry courses:

Note: the numbers in parenthesis are the old course numbers (prior to August 2003).

1111(11) - Introductory Chemistry I
1121(12) - Introductory Chemistry II
2223(122) - Quantitative Analysis
3022(202) - Introduction to Chemical Literature
3312(231) - Physical Chemistry I
3322(232) - Physical Chemistry II
3333(233) - Laboratory in Physical Chemistry I
3412(241) - Basic Inorganic Chemistry
2612(261) - Organic Chemistry I
2622(262) - Organic Chemistry II
2633(263) - Organic Chemistry Laboratory
4897(289) - Seminar

In addition, candidates must complete one laboratory course chosen from Chemistry 4343(234), 4233(323), 4433(343), 3643(364), or 4733(373). No more than 45 hours in chemistry may be applied toward the degree. Each chemistry major must present a seminar and pass a comprehensive examination during the senior year.

At least 12 credits of chemistry at the 3xxx level or higher must be completed at UMSL.

After fulfilling the general education and specific major degree requirements, students are to take the remaining hours required to complete the B.A. degree from courses, which the appropriate department has evaluated as being of university-level quality, from one or more of the following areas or their university-quality equivalents at other institutions: anthropology/archaeology, art (appreciation, history, studio), biology, chemistry, communication, criminology and criminal justice, economics, English, foreign languages/literatures, history, mathematics/computer science, music (appreciation, history, performance), philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, social work, sociology, business, education, engineering, and interdisciplinary. The chemistry department may require students to pass a tracking test in order to enroll in the next level course, provided this or an equivalent test is administered to all students seeking to enroll in that course.

Checklist for degree program

4 Year Degree Plan for BA degree