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Admissions Requirements

Individuals with at least the equivalent of the B.A. degree in chemistry may be admitted to the Graduate School as candidates for the M.S. degree or as precandidates for the Ph.D. degree in chemistry. A student in the M.S. program, having completed at least 15 credit hours, may request to transfer to the Ph.D. program by petition to the department.

The department admissions committee, which makes admission recommendations to the chairperson, usually considers applicants' grade point averages and normally requires above-average performance in all areas of chemistry as well as physics and mathematics, or other evidence of high aptitude for graduate work in chemistry. Applicants' GRE scores (for Ph.D. students), letters of recommendation, and academic programs are also considered. In some cases the committee may require successful completion of undergraduate course work as a condition of enrollment as a regular student.

Students with bachelor's degrees in fields other than chemistry may be admitted to pursue graduate studies in chemistry, but they must make up background deficiencies, usually by taking undergraduate course work.