Harold H. Harris

Professor Harris received his B.S. degree from Harvey Mudd College, and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He joined the UM-St. Louis Chemistry faculty in 1970 following a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California-Irvine. He was appointed Founders' Professor of Chemistry in 2012 and was accorded Emeritus status in 2015.

Office: B315e
Phone: (314)516-5344

Research Interests

Over the years, Professor Harris has published research in several areas of physical chemistry: collision-induced dissocation of ions, chemical kinetics at suprahigh pressure, experimental and theoretical dynamics of molecular and ionic collisions, and the dynamics of cellular flames. Since he accepted a joint appointment in the College of Education as well as in the Chemistry Department of the College of Arts and Sciences, the focus of his work has tended increasingly toward science education.

Professor Harris originated and currently edits "The Chemical Education Resource Shelf" (CERS), an online feature of the Journal of Chemical Education. The contents of the CERS, which includes comprehensive information about textbooks, software, models, and references for chemical educators, is published twice per year (February and September) with the Journal. Professor Harris also edits "The Cost-Effective Teacher", a feature in the printed edition that describes clever and inexpensive equipment for laboratories and demonstrations, and he writes the popular monthly column, "Hal's Picks of the Month".

Professor Harris a pioneer in the use of computer symbolic/numerical mathematical processors in teaching physical chemistry. A "Carnot Cycle" tutorial exemplifying this technique is about to be published in Journal of Chemical Education:Online. See http://www.monmouth.edu/~tzielins/mathcad/HHarris/doc001.htm. Professor Harris is involved in the study of the effectiveness of significant changes that the Chemistry Department is making in its Introductory Chemistry courses.

Selected Publications

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