UMSL Chemist is our annual magazine of departmental and alumni news. The Fall 2014 edition is available electronically by clicking here.  It will be mailed to you shortly.  If you have news of Chemistry Department Alumni or just want to get in touch, email the editor, Professor Lol Barton.

Archived issues of UMSL CHEMIST


  • On Friday September 26, Dr. Barbara W. Brown, BA 1984 and Dr. William R. Shiang, BS 1983, PhD 1988 will receive UMSL Distinguished Alumni Awards at the Founders' Dinner.

  • On Saturday May 17, at the Spring Commencement, Dr. Gary S. Jacob, BS 1969, recieved an honorary Doctor of Science degree.  The  weekend began by Gary visiting the department and presenting an excellent lecture based on his experience in industry (Big Pharma) followed by a second career in Small Pharma. He is now Chairman and CEO of Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc., New York, NY., and on Friday afternoon he presented the lecture: "Drug Discovery & Development 101: From the benchplace to the marketplace; and other ruminations on one UMSL Chemistry alumnus’ career in science".

  • On May 5, 2014, Dr. Katherine M. Block, BS 2001, Senior Scientist at Novartis Clinical Trial Center of Excellence (Genoptix), in San Diego CA, presenedt the 27th Annual Distinguished Alumni Lecture: "A Perspective on the Path to Industry".

  •  On March 31 2014, Professor Joanna Aisenberg, Amy Smith Berylson Professor of Materials Science and Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. presented the Seventeenth Annual Robert W. Murray Lecture: "New materials: When chemistry meets optics  and surface science″.

  • Spring 2014. ALEXEI V. DEMCHENKO was appointed Curators' Profesor of Chemistry.  .

UM-St. Louis Distinguished Alumni Awards

UM-St. Louis Distinguished Alumni Awards to Chemists

Distinguished Alumni Lecturers
A former student from the Department of Chemistry at UM-St. Louis delivers this annual lecture, which is followed by a reception. This forms part of the regular departmental seminar program and is typically scheduled for the first Monday in May as the final seminar of the academic year. The lecture follows presentation of the Annual Departmental Awards.