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Message from the Chancellor: April 03, 2017

Joint message regarding budget planning


Dear UMSL Students, Faculty and Staff:

Earlier today, you received a message originated by the University of Missouri System and customized for each of its campuses as a joint communique from President Choi and the respective chancellors.   The issue of budget concerns is one that is shared system-wide and affects each campus to varying degrees.

For an extensive period of time, UMSL has been involved in budget realignment and planning brought about by a commitment to create and maintain a balanced budget and to grow the institution in a sustainable manner.  This process is enabling us to effectively manage the new challenges presented by reductions in state funding.  UMSL has already undertaken both revenue enhancement and campus productivity measures which will materially contribute to a balanced budget. 

While funding cuts do present real difficulties, activities such as the expansion of in-state tuition to the entirety of Illinois, the opening of the Science Learning Center, Optometry Clinic and the upcoming new College of Business Administration Building each send strong messages regarding UMSL’s durability and plans for growth. 

The UM System has challenged the campuses to take an objective look at academic and nonacademic programs to determine those that best meet the mission of the university and provide the maximum benefit to our communities.   We are specifically challenged to identify those programs of excellence which we can support and grow, as well as create new programs of excellence.  With that objectivity comes the requirement to identify those activities which don’t or no longer meet those standards, or no longer have sufficient demand – those which we can no longer support. 

The entirety of the UMSL campus can be assured that our budgetary realignment activities undertaken over the last two years have bettered our position to face the challenges facing the UM System and its campuses.  

Please know that we are establishing a rich communications process to keep you informed of the progress toward both a sustainable balanced budget and a campus where excellence is recognized as universal to all we do.

Thank you,

Tom George, Chancellor
Chris Spilling, Interim Provost
Rick Baniak, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance