Criminology and Criminal Justice

Current Graduate Student Contacts


Here is a list of currently-enrolled students in our Ph.D. program. Please contact the CCJ webmaster for updates/corrections. Also:

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All offices are located in Lucas Hall

Name Office Email
Ethan Amidon 528
Dena Carson 333
Mark DeBarr 536
Michael Deckard 532
Timothy Dickinson 543
Robert Domiano 536
Daniel Duplantier n/a
Amanda Gendon 544
Ekaterina Gorislavsky 528
Mikh Gunderman 541
Regan Gustafson n/a
Kimberly Kras 542
Krystle Leugoud 542
Brooke Mayfield 541
Hyon Namgung 545
Andrea Nichols n/a
Jennifer Owens 529
Jennifer Parker 538
Breanne Pleggenkuhle 534
Tiffany Polk 538
CheyOnna Sewell 526
Allen Shamow 544
Niquita Vinyard 541
Mike Vecchio 336
Nicole White n/a
Stephanie Wiley 333