The UMSL Criminology & Criminal Justice Department is committed to developing a culture of support and professional development for students.   Undergraduate students majoring or minoring in CCJ are encouraged to get involved in the Criminology & Criminal Justice Undergraduate Student Association (CCJUSA) and strive to become members of the Alpha Phi Sigma (APS) National Honor Society.  For more information about these opportunities, contact the organization President or Dr. TJ Taylor (

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Undergraduate Student Association (CCJUSA) is designed to facilitate professional development, foster healthy undergraduate student culture, and contribute to the discipline through service and achievement among students majoring or minoring in CCJ.  More information can be found on Facebook ( and ORGSYNC (

Your CCJUSA Officers for the 2016-2017 Academic Year are:
Sherman Brawner, President
Robert Rivers, Vice President
Gary Arturo, II, Treasurer
Dennis Ellis, Secretary
Alysa Kaiser, Student Government Association Representative

Alpha Phi Sigma (APS), the National Criminal Justice Honor Society associated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, is looking for new members at UMSL (Pi Beta Delta Chapter).  The organization is open to undergraduate students majoring or minoring in CCJ who have: 1) completed three semesters of coursework at UMSL, 2) completed four criminal justice courses at UMSL, 3) maintained an UMSL GPA of 3.2, and 4) maintained at 3.2 GPA in UMSL CCJ courses.  More information about APS is available at their website (

Your APS Officers for the 2016-2017 Academic Year are:
Kaylin Winchester, President
Alysa Kaiser, Vice President
Lauren Becker, Secretary
Amanda Loellke, Treasurer
Dennis Ellis, Student Government Association Representative

A full list of UMSL Alpha Phi Sigma Pi Beta Delta lifetime members is listed below.

Founding Members (2015 – 2016)
Gary Arturo, II
Lauren Becker
William Sherman Brawner
Dennis Ellis
Alysa Kaiser
Amanda Loellke
Janelle Miller
Aimee Noble
Jennifer O’Neill
Dipa Patel
Hannah Read
Kennedy Reed