Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
Philadelphia, PA, February 18-22, 2014

Joseph Durso and Faye Taxman
"Individual- and County-Level Factors Predicting Successful Completion of Drug Treatment Court"

Niquita Vinyard
"Extralegal Factors and the Imposition of Lifetime Supervised Release for Child Pornography Offenders"

Western Society of Criminology
Honolulu, HI, February 6-8, 2014

Stephanie A. Wiley, Dena C. Carson, and Finn-Aage Esbensen
"Police Contact and the Amplification of Deviance: Does Gang Membership Moderate the Relationship?"


American Society of Criminology

Atlanta, GA, November 20-23, 2013

Jaclyn M. Cwick
"Testing the Importance of Neighborhood Social Ties: Interactions with Intervention Type"

Michael J. Deckard
"The Mechanisms Underlying the Effectiveness of Hot Spots Policing: A Randomized Controlled Experiment"

David Klinger, Richard Rosenfeld, Daniel Isom, and Michael J. Deckard
"What Drives Deadly Force? Some Answers From a Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Police Shootings in St. Louis, Missouri"

Timothy Dickinson
"Accounts and Social Control in Middle-Class Drug Markets"

Joseph Durso
"The Role of Age in Risk Assessment and Classification: An Empirical Investigation"

Michael Caudy, Joseph Durso, and Faye Taxman
"Do Dynamic Needs Predict Recidivism? Implications for Risk Assessment and Management"

Shytierra Gaston
"Impact of Parental Incarceration on Girls: Beyond Crime-related Outcomes"

Ekaterina S. Gorislavsky
"Race-ethnic Differences in Rape Victimization: A Pooled Analysis of NCVS Data, 1994-2010"

Mikh V. Gunderman
"Methamphetamine Use and Women’s Interpersonal Relationships with their Children"

Kim Kras
"Identity Transformation for Sex Offenders"

Beth Huebner, Kim Kras, Jason Rydberg, Eric Grommon, Breanne Pleggenkuhle, and Timothy S. Bynum
"Sex Offender Residency Restrictions in Michigan and Missouri: Collateral Consequences"

Brooke Mayfield
"Choice and Change among Sex Offenders"

Timothy McCuddy
"Peer Influence and Social Networking Websites: Applying Differential Association and Social Learning to Online Interaction"

Jordan C. Pickering
"The Importance of Being Mindful: Applying High Reliability Theory to Police Organizations"

CheyOnna Sewell
"The Gendered Reality of Interpersonal Victimization among Criminally Embedded Women"

Alan Shamow
"Protestantism and Homicide: A Cross-National Examination of Religion’s Role in Institutional-Anomie Theory"

Saundra Trujillo
"Street-Code and Victimization Risk across Neighborhoods"

Stephanie Wiley
"The Negative Effects of Police Contact: Do Perceptions of the Police Condition the Labeling Process?"

Joshua Williams
"State Spending and the Incarceration Boom"

Timothy Griffin, Joshua Williams, and John Wooldredge
"Preliminary Results from an Ongoing AMBER Alert Data Collection Project"

Midwestern Criminal Justice Association
Chicago, IL, September 26-18, 2013

Michael J. Deckard
"Reducing Violent Firearm Crime Through Targeted Police Patrol: Assessing the Efficacy of Specific Enforcement Mechanisms"

European Society of Criminology

Budapest, Hungary, September 4-7, 2013

Stephanie A. Wiley, Lee Ann Slocum, & Finn-Aage Esbensen
“The Unintended Consequences of Being Stopped or Arrested: An Exploration of the Labeling Mechanisms through Which Police Contact Leads to Subsequent Delinquency”

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Dallas, TX,
March 19-23, 2013

Michael J. Deckard
"Reducing Firearm Violence Through Intelligence-Driven Police Patrol:  Evaluating a Hot-Spots Field Experiment"

Shytierra Gaston
“Families of Parolees in the Eastern District of Missouri”

Hyon Namgung
"The effect of community policing units on community policing program implementation"

Niquita Vinyard
“Peacemaking Reentry: An Exploratory Examination of the Utility of the Peacemaking Paradigm in Federal Reentry Strategies”

Western Society of Criminology

Berkeley, CA, February 7-9, 2013

Stephanie A. Wiley
“How an Understanding of the Reward-Reinforcement Pathway can inform Social Theories of Crime” 



American Society of Criminology
Chicago, IL, November 14-17, 2012

 Ethan Amidon
 “Capital Punishment in the United States: A Time-Series Analysis of Executions from 1930-2000”

Amanda Bolton
“Broken Windows in Cyberspace: Exploring the Effects of "Digital Disorder" on Computer Crime Victimization and Fear of Online Crime”

Jaclyn  M. Cwick and Stephanie M. DiPietro
“Family Functioning and Delinquency across Immigrant Generations: A Gendered Examination”

Mark DeBarr
“CALEA Accreditation: An Empirical Examination”

Michael J. Deckard
“Variation of Property Crime Hot Spots in the City of St. Louis”

Timothy E. Dickinson
“'Talking shit': Gossip and restrictive deterrence in middle-class drug markets"

Rob Domiano
“Activating Motivation in Auto-Theft”

Amber Freitas
“Coping Their Way Out of Crime and Back into Society”

Shytierra Gaston
“Families of Gang-Affiliated Probationers”

Mikh V. Gunderman
“'I just tried to keep her as sheltered from it as possible': Harm reduction practices of methamphetamine using mothers"

Kimberly R. Kras
“Social Support for Sex Offenders: How Does Social Support Impact the Success or Failure of Sex Offenders Returning to the Community?”

Beth M. Huebner,  Breanne R. Pleggenkhule, and Kimberly R. Kras
“The Collateral Consequences of Sex Offender Registry Restrictions”

Brooke Mayfield
“Rules of Violence: Life Inside a Mixed Martial Arts Gym”

Hyon Namgung
“Investigating the Effect of a Community Policing Unit on Partnership Formation by Local Police Departments”

Jennifer Gatewood Owens
“Understanding the Relationship between Stalking Victimization and Other Forms of Victimization: An Analysis of NCVS Data”

Jordan Pickering
“If They Knew Then What They Know Now: Police Officers’ Suggestions for Improving Deadly Force Training”

Maribeth Rezey
“The Role of Marital Status in Women’s Risk for Violent Victimization”

CheyOnna Sewell
“Describing Gender Differences in Violent Offending”

Allen Shamow
"Crime and the Protestant Dream"

J. Michael Vecchio
“Pathways into and out of Youth Gangs”

Stephanie A. Wiley
“The Negative Consequences of Police Contact for Gang Youth”

Josh Williams
“Estimating the Prevalence and Possible Trends in 'Black Swan Homicide'"

Midwestern Criminal Justice Association

Chicago, IL, September 27-29, 2012

Jennifer Gatewood Owens
Requiring Stalking Victims to be Fearful: Does the Type of Fear Matter?”

J. Michael Vecchio
“Youth victimization and gender effects on target hardening behaviors, perceived risk, and fear of crime”

Western Society of Criminology

Newport Beach, CA, February 16-18, 2012

Jaclyn Cwick
"Incarcerating the Community: Mass Incarceration and Social Disorganization in Chicago Neighborhoods"

Stephanie A. Wiley
"Revisiting Labeling Theory: What Factors Affect Future Delinquency?"