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Student Presentations at Professional Conferences

Students marked with * when there are multiple names.


American Society of CriminologyPhiladelphia, PA

Dale Dan-Irabor
"Felony Disenfranchisement, Legitimacy and Violence"

Kristina T. Garrity
"Employing a Criminal Events Perspective to Understand Gun Violence and Gang Presence"

Cherrell Green
"A Comparative Analysis of Exposure to Violence Among Veterans and Urban Residents"

Benjamin Hamilton
"Rounding Probabilistic Expectations: Implications for Deterrence Theory and Research"

Brittany Jaecques
"Examining the Impact of Mental Illness and Social Bonds on Offending"

Anna Kleppe
"County Level Contextual Factors and Death Sentence Outcomes"

Theodore S. Lentz
"The Co-Occurrence of Crime Types"

Brooke Mayfield
"Trajectories of Sexual Offending: Evaluating the Impact of Treatment on Sexual Re-offending in the Long-Term"

Morgan McGuirk
"Factors Influencing Perceptions of Government Legitimacy"

Jennifer Medel* and Matt Vogel
"Spatial Inequality, Relative Deprivation, and Extralocal Neighborhood Influences on Youth Offending"

Anthony Michalka
"Further Testing the Trump Hypothesis: A Replication and Extension of Green's Study"

Jennifer O'Neill
"Student and Personnel Perceptions of School Environments and Delinquency"

Paige Vaughn
"Evaluating Reactive Policing in St. Louis, MO"

Joshua H. Williams
"Neighborhood Crime Rates an Indicator of Individual 'Dangerousness?'"

Kaylin Winchester
"Pride Begets Violence: Examining the Temporal Clustering of Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes Following Gay Pride Celebrations"

International Association of Chiefs of Police - Technology Conference
Saint Louis, MO, May 22-24, 2017

Rick Rosenfeld and Sherri Schaefer*
'Using IT to Support Analysis of Firearms-Related Crimes in the City of St. Louis"

Western Society of Criminology
Las Vegas, NV, February 9-11, 2017

Joshua H. Williams* and Richard Rosenfeld
"The Impact of Neighborhood Status on Imprisonment for Firearm Offenses"



American Society of Criminology
New Orleans, LA, November 16-19, 2016

Michael J. Deckard
"Policing Microgeographic Areas: Is Temporal Stability Important?"

Kristina Thompson Garrity* and Beth Huebner
"Matters of Life and Death: Situation, Place, and Lethality of Firearm Violence"

Jennifer Gerlomes*, Timothy McCuddy*, Jordan C. Pickering, and Terrance J. Taylor
"Police-Youth Collaborative Pilot Program in St. Louis"

Cherrell Green
"An Analysis of Chicago Public Schools (2011-2015)"

Benjamin Hamilton
"Coherent Arbitrariness in Formal Risk Perceptions: Implications for Deterrence Research"

Brittany Jaecques
"A Propensity Score Approach to Military and Non-Military Mental Health and Offending"

Aaron Levin
"Isolating Extreme Outliers in the Distribution of Area-Level Burglary Victimizations: Revisiting an Old Postulate"

Brooke Mayfield
"Exploring the Role of Treatment on Sexual Re-offending Over Time"

Timothy McCuddy* and Kyle Thomas
"Offending Propensity versus Offending Frequency: The Differential Effects of Normative Peer Influence and Unstructured Socializing"

Briana Moore* and Janet Lauritsen
"The Role of Race and Education in Sexual Assault Victimization Rates among College-Aged Women"

Maribeth L. Rezey
"Why Are Children Safer?: An Empirical Assessment of the Post-1990 Decline in Rates of Child Maltreatment"

Kyle Thomas and Timothy McCuddy*
"Delinquent Peers and Drift: Assessing Between- and Within-Individual Differences in Deviant Peer Thresholds"

Paige Vaughn
"Chronic Discontent, Police Illegitimacy, Bureaucratic Disorganization, and Homicide"

Joshua H. Williams
"Assessing The Impact Of County-Level Factors On Pretrial Detention Decisions"