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Candidates On The Market

Students who wish to be listed on this page should contact Amanda Porterfield,

Mike Deckard

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Dissertation Title: "The Efficacy of Police Patrol in Chronic and Episodic Hot Spots of Firearm Violence"
Dissertation Committee: Richard Rosenfeld (chair), Beth Huebner, Dan Isom, Lee Ann Slocum, and David Weisburd (George Mason University/Hebrew University)
Areas of Interest: Evidence-based crime policy; hot spots policing; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); mixed-methods research designs; experimental criminology; environmental criminology.

CheyOnna Sewell

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Dissertation Title:: "An Intersectional Investigation of Violence against Women and Gender Inequality: A National- and State-level Analysis of Fatal and Non-fatal trends of Violence Against Women"
Dissertation Committee: Janet Lauritsen (chair), Lee Slocum, Karlijn Kuijpers, Hillary Potter (Dept of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado- Boulder)
Areas of Interest: Intersectionality; inequality; violence against women; jury selection processes; crime trends; perceptions of justice, offending, and safety; quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Joshua Williams

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Dissertation Title:: "Evaluating the Impact of County-Level Group Threat Factors on Pretrial Detention Decisions Across Large Urban U.S. Counties"
Dissertation Committee: Michael Campbell (chair), Richard Rosenfeld, Lee Slocum, John Wooldredge (School of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati)
Areas of Interest: Punishment and corrections; court processing; pretrial detention and bail; focal concerns perspective.