* Participants in the Annual Youth Violence Prevention Conference.


Gil Kerlikowske -- Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

Ray Paternoster -- Professor, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of Maryland

Jody Miller -- Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University

Jerry H. Dunn -- Executive Director, Children's Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis, UMSL*

Dorothy Espelage -- Gutgsell Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign*

James C. "Buddy" Howell -- Retired, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice*

Joseph B. Richardson, Jr. -- Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies, University of Maryland*

Nancy Rodriguez -- Director, National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice*


CRIMIN 4370 Panel Discussion - Successful Approaches to Violence Prevention: Lessons from Public Health and Criminal Justice Initiatives

Rod Brunson -- Rutgers University

Jennifer Cobbina -- Michigan State University*

Robert Crutchfield -- University of Washington, Seattle*

Abigail Fagan -- University of Florida*

Brian Johnson -- University of Maryland

David Klinger -- UMSL*

Jane Siegel -- Rutgers University*

CRIMIN 4370 Panel Discussion - Policing the Urban Community: Challenges and Future Directions

CRIMIN 4370 Panel Discussion - Crime and the Transformation of Urban Neighborhoods: Problems and Solutions


Shadd Maruna -- Queen's University Belfast

Chris Melde -- Michigan State University*

Hillary Potter -- University of Colorado*

David Pyrooz -- Sam Houston State University*

Richard Rosenfeld -- UMSL*

Sara Wakefield -- Rutgers University*


American Exceptionalism in the 21st Century conference:

Stephanie DiPietro -- UMSL*

Dan Isom -- UMSL*

Chris Melde -- Michigan State University*

Allison Payne -- Villanova University*

Dana Haynie -- The Ohio State University


Karen Heimer -- University of Iowa

Scott Decker -- University of Arizona*

Beth Huebner -- UMSL*

Candice Kane -- University of Illinois-Chicago*

Eric Stewart -- Florida State University*

David Weisburd -- George Mason University

Faye Taxman -- George Mason University


David W. Garland -- New York University

Charis Kubrin -- University of California-Irvine

Shawn Bushway -- University at Albany

Franklin Zimring -- UC Berkeley School of Law

Jeffrey Fagan -- Columbia University Law School

Kristin Carbone-Lopez -- UMSL*

Finn-Aage Esbensen -- UMSL*

Denise Gottfredson -- University of Maryland*

Jody Miller -- Rutgers University*


Marie Gottschalk -- University of Pennsylvania

Bruce Western -- Harvard University

Barry Feld -- University of Minnesota*

Rod Brunson -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale*

Nancy Rodriguez -- Arizona State University*

Michael Leiber -- Virginia Commonwealth University*

Travis Pratt -- Arizona State University


Neal Shover -- University of Tennesse-Knoxville

Randall Collins -- University of Pennsylvania

Mark Cooney -- University of Georgia

Richard Felson -- Penn State University

Judith Aldridge -- University of Manchester*

Jeff Carr -- City of Los Angeles*

Malcolm W. Klein -- University of Southern California*

Cheryl Maxson -- University of California - Irvine*

Dana Peterson -- University at Albany*


Ross Matsueda -- University of Washington

Brian Johnson -- University of Maryland

Robert Crutchfield -- University of Washington*

Beth Huebner -- UMSL*

Julie Horney -- Penn State University*

Edmund McGarrell -- Michigan State University*

Wayne Osgood -- Penn State University*


Allen Beck -- Bureau of Justice Statistics

Joan Petersilia -- Stanford University

Peggy Giordano -- Bowling Green State University*

James C. Howell -- U.S. Department of Justice (retired)*

David Huizinga -- University of Colorado Boulder*

Geoff Ward -- University of California Irvine*


Richard Felson -- Penn State University

Christy Visher -- Urban Institute

Ramiro Martinez -- Florida International University

Karen Heimer -- University of Iowa

Sarah Britto -- Central Washington University*

Steven Chermak -- Michigan State University*

Karl Hill -- University of Washington*

Jane Siegel -- Rutgers University*

L. Thomas Winfree, Jr. -- New Mexico State University*


Rosemary Gartner -- University of Toronto

Gordon Bazemore -- Florida Atlantic University*

Timothy Bynum -- Michigan State University*

Dana Peterson -- University at Albany*

Ruth Peterson -- Ohio State University*

Elmar Weitekamp -- Katholieke Universteit, Leuven, Belgium*


Thomas J. Bernard -- Penn State University*

JoEvelyn Elston -- Little Rock School District, Arkansas*

Abby Fagan -- University of Washington*

Sharon Mihalic -- University of Colorado Boulder*

Marlene Snyder -- Clemson University*


Sally Simpson -- University of Maryland

Jack Greene -- Northeastern University*

C. Ronald Huff -- University of California Irvine*

Cheryl Maxson -- University of California - Irvine*

Edmund McGarrell -- Michigan State University*

Dana Peterson -- University at Albany*

Eric Stewart -- Florida State University*


Del Elliott -- University of Colorado*

Denise Gottfredson -- University of Maryland*

J. David Hawkins -- University of Washington*

Other guest speakers have included:

Trevor Bennett -- University of Glamoran, UK

David Farrington -- University of Cambridge, UK

Shadd Maruna -- Queen's University Belfast, UK

John Braithwaite -- Australian National University

Jim Short -- Washington State University

Ruth Peterson -- Ohio State University

Jim Lynch -- CUNY John Jay College