Missouri Debt Tax Offset

Beginning in January 2016, the University of Missouri-St. Louis opted to participate in the Missouri Department of Revenue Debt Offset Program.  Any balances deemed uncollectable or referred to an outside collection agency are eligible to be referred to the State Department of Revenue in an attempt to intercept any state income tax return funds that could be applied to an unpaid debt.  The University will seize any funds available, regardless of your repayment status or pending agreement with an outside collection agency.  If your state income tax return is intercepted, a notice will be mailed to the address provided on your tax return and you will be given 30 days to file an appeal.  If you wish to contest the tax offset, you must submit your request in writing to:

University of MO-St. Louis

Cashier’s Office: Tax Offset Appeals

1 University Blvd – 285 MSC

Saint Louis  MO  63121-4400

It is important that you include your Student ID# and/or SSN in your written request.  All requests will receive a response via U.S. Mail.  If your appeal is granted, or partially granted, a refund will be issued after the University actually receives the funds from the State Department of Revenue.  It typically takes 30 – 45 days from the date of intercept for the tax offset funds to be received from the state.  Unless otherwise stated, any granted appeal with a refund issued should not be considered a waiver or discharge of the debt.

All appeals will be initially reviewed by the Cashier’s Office.  Any specific charge that is disputed will be reviewed with the appropriate originating office and will be verified or corrected as necessary.

If an appeal is initially denied, your response will have an explanation and documentation of the debt.  Although a tax offset appeal may be initially denied, the debtor may be referred to the appropriate existing standard University process to appeal or petition their debt. If after receiving your denial letter and reviewing the documentation provided you still dispute the debt and want to provide evidence that supports your dispute, you may request a formal meeting to present your evidence to the Tax Offset Committee.  However, you must first exhaust all existing standard appeal processes including but not limited to: parking ticket appeals, tuition and fee appeals, retroactive withdrawal petitions, residency status appeals.


A debtor’s spouse may be entitled to a refund of their portion of the intercept that is attributed to the non-obligated spouse’s earnings.  In order to obtain an apportionment refund, you must apply in writing to the University address listed above within 30 days of the date of intercept.  For identification purposes, you must include your social security number and your spouse’s social security number when requesting the apportionment of the intercept.  A copy of your joint Missouri State Income Tax Return form is also required in order to calculate the amount to be refunded to the non-obligated spouse.