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Setting Up an Authorized Payer

An Authorized Payer is a person, most often a parent, who is designated by an UMSL student as being allowed to view the student's monthly online bill and make electronic payments using eBill.

Students can follow the instructions below to set up an Authorized Payer.

  1. Login to MyView at
  2. Choose the Self Service link from the menu on the left.
  3. Click the ‘Student Center’ link
  4. Click on ‘Maintain Authorized Users’ under the Finances section.
  5. Click the Continue button in the center of the page. (eBill will open in a new window)
  6. Click ‘Authorize Payers’ from the menu on the left of the screen.
  7. Click the ‘Add New’ box to add a new payer.
  8. Enter the appropriate information in the boxes when the ‘Add Authorize Payer’ page comes up. 
    Note: the login name and password fields are case sensitive.
  9. Click the Add button once you have entered the information.

This new payer will now show up on the ‘Authorized Payer’ screen. Relay the login and password to the payer so he/she can use the unique login to access your account. To edit or delete an Authorized Payer, go to the ‘Authorized Payer’ screen and click on the appropriate box next to the payer for whom you wish to make the change.

If you attend more than one University of Missouri Campus: 
The password is assigned via student and campus so if you attend more than one University of Missouri campus, then you must request authorized payer access for each campus you attend. The authorized payer will then have a separate password for each campus that the student attends along with your separate student ID number for each campus.