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Petition for Missouri Residency

In order for you to file a Petition for Missouri Resident Status (PDF 754 KB), you must have applied for admission to the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Each petition from an applicant or accepted student is reviewed individually and in accordance with Tuition Assessment Rules; therefore, it is important that the petition be completed accurately and all required and supporting evidentiary material be submitted with the petition.

It is required that all material be received by the Campus Residency Officer by the established deadlines in order for the petition to be reviewed for the current semester. 

Term Deadline
Fall October 1
Spring March 1
Summer July 1

Other conditions and circumstances may result in residency being granted, the policy cited here notwithstanding.

Mary Tackett 
Campus Residency Officer 
University of Missouri - St. Louis 
351 Millennium Student Center 
One University Blvd 
Saint Louis, MO 63121-4400 

Office: (314) 516-5545

Applicants/students who are determined, by the University, to be non-residents of Missouri are required to complete and file the Petition For Missouri Resident Status and supply the supporting documents, in order to be considered for Missouri residency.  It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the request for change to Missouri residency. There are no automatic reviews/changes to the residency status.  Students who have had the Petition for Missouri Resident Status denied and later feel they have met the requirements, must re-petition, supply all supporting documents, and meet required deadlines.