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Refund FAQ

Why did I receive a refund?

If you received a refund, you may have an over payment on your student account or excess financial aid.  Check your refund status online in MyView.

How are refunds issued?

As student accounts go into credit balance, the Cashier’s Office processes refunds by checks through the mail and by electronic transfer to checking or savings accounts for students who have signed up for direct deposit.

If a credit card payment has been made towards your student account in the past 120 days, any refund due to you will be returned to that credit card.

Will a refund be sent to me automatically after I drop a course?

The timeframe to receive a refund may be longer for students who have dropped hours and are receiving financial aid funds that may be reduced based on enrollment requirements, or for students who have dropped hours and no longer have a full time course load.  Refunds may also be delayed for students who have had an administrative drop, backdated drop or a complete withdrawal.

Why has my check payment not been refunded yet?

When a payment is received by personal check, the Cashier's Office will hold any refunds for 14 days to ensure the check has cleared the bank. Once this time period has past, we will refund the credit balance.

Why was my refund not mailed or direct deposited?

Your refund may not be mailed to you or direct deposited into your bank account if your student account reflects a balance due after your refund has been processed. This applies if you have a balance due in the current term because you have not agreed to allow your aid to pay all charges or if you have a balance due in a term from the prior financial aid year. Refunds to students having a balance due are processed as a paper check that is routed to the Cashier's Office, not to the student. As refund checks are received in the Cashier's Office, students are emailed to advise that a check is available for pickup.

What if I lose my refund check or the check does not reach me?

A stop payment may be placed on the check two weeks after the issue date. You may contact the Cashier’s Office if you have not received your check.  If the check has not been cashed, a replacement check can be issued.  Due to possibilities of lost checks or mail delay, we strongly encourage you to sign up for direct deposit.