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Employer Reimbursement Deferred Payment Plan

The University of Missouri-St. Louis recognizes that many companies offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. While the student is ultimately responsible for the payment of their tuition and fees, the Cashier’s Office has established the ERDPP program to allow a student to take advantage of this employer benefit by deferring payment of all, or a portion, of their tuition and related costs.  Any student whose employer reimburses less than 100% of tuition and fees must pay the remaining portion before the start of the semester.

To qualify for ERDPP, a student must provide the Cashier’s Office with their employer's reimbursement policy, along with a completed ERDPP application (below) and $50.00 nonrefundable application fee.  A new application and $50.00 fee must be submitted each semester that ERDPP is desired.  Applications are due one week prior to the first due date of the semester.  The Cashier's Office reserves the right to accept or reject a student’s request for ERDPP if the student's account is not considered to be in good financial standing.

After a student has submitted the required paperwork and payment, the remaining tuition and fees on his/her account will be deferred until that semesters ERDPP payment deadline.  If the student does not make payment in full by Feb 10th for the Fall, July 10th for the Spring or Oct 10th for the Summer semester, the student’s account will be assessed a $100 ERDPP late fee and placed on financial hold, thus making the student ineligible to register for classes.  If the student is already registered in a future term, that registration may be cancelled. In addition, finance charges of 1% and applicable late fees will accrue monthly. For more information about ERDPP see the ERDPP FAQ page.

Remember to send a copy of your employer's reimbursement policy along with your application.

ERDPP Application 

Payment in full deadline
Fall Applicants
Feb 10th
Spring Applicants July 10th
Summer Applicants Oct 10th