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Make an eDeposit

Making an eDeposit (online deposit)


First, log in to MyView using your SSO ID and Password.
Once you have logged in select Student Center.


Next select Proceed to Touchnet located in the lower right hand corner of the Finances box.


Log in to
Touchnet using your SSO ID and Password.
Select Deposits in the black menu bar.


You will then need to select what term your deposit.
Another box will generate and you then need to select the type of deposit you are making.



Confirm the term and type of deposit is correct. Then select Continue.


Next, select your payment method. You will have two payment methods to choose from either an eCheck or a Credit Card payment. There is a service charge to pay with a credit card of 2.85% or a $3 minimum. Then click


Confirm your payment information is correct. Then click Submit Payment.



Other Payment Options:

Employer Reimbursement Deferred Payment Plan

Third Party Sponsor

Financial Aid

International Wire Transfer