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We thank you for your comments and suggestions.  While we are unable to address every issue brought to our attention, we have made efforts to address the most common mentioned.

Hours have been established based on usage statistics over the past year and ½ of operation. We will make adjustments for the summer, and reduce hours of operation over holiday and school break preiods (i.e. spring break). While we are open to the community, we are part of the university and change our hours and have closures based on the university schedule. 

We will extend our hours an hour over the summer, and will also extend pool hours to try and accommodate as many people as possible. We will continue to monitor usage and efficiencies.

We do everything in our power to announce closures well in advance to them happening, as well as any schedule changes. These closures are necessary for maintenance and staff training so we can maintain the facility and the equipment in the appropriate manner. We limit these closures as much as possible, but they are necessary to keep the facility running smoothly.

Maintenance for the courts includes dust mopping daily; hard wood courts wet mopped daily, and MAC Court cleaned with auto-scrubber weekly.  You can request for a staff member to walk them with dust mop at any point you see that it is needed.  We will continue to keep an eye on this and consider adding additional cleaning duties. 

The courts were taken offline for an extended period over winter break for resurfacing.  They were off line for an extended period this past winter to correct issues from construction. This improved the quality of the surface and corrected necessary issues. We do our best to schedule all maintenance and space improvement projects over break periods and down times and will continue to do so moving forward.   

Currently, we are investigating options to assist with sunlight/glare issues on the courts and 1st floor weight area.

We have lowered the music, and have changed the channel a few times throughout the day to try and accommodate the different music tastes.  On the whole, music is played as background noise and it meant to make the facility feel “alive”. We will continue to try different channels and ensure the sound levels are acceptable. We are also looking into reducing the number of areas the music is able to pipe into (i.e. removing the locker rooms from the music feed).

The variety of equipment available for check out continues to expand based on our members’ activities. We base the number of each type of equipment that can be checked out based on the number of spaces available to play each sport. We will continue to evaluate the amount of equipment needed to meet the demands of usage.  

We are constantly working to provide you the best experience possible in our Men’s, Women’s and Gender Neutral Locker Rooms. In the past year, we made changes to the structure of the shower stalls, adjusted cleaning cycles, and added large lockers to our selection of locker rentals. We will continue to make adjustments to the cleaning cycle to improve the user experience. For the lockers, there is a selection available for semester rental ranging from $10-15 per month. There is also a large selection of day use lockers for you to use and provide your own lock free of charge.  If you do not have a lock, the Triton Trading Post has some available for purchase.

Weight scales are not available in the locker rooms due to our philosophy within the facility; working out and being healthy is not about a number on the scale, it’s about how you feel. In an effort to promote healthy living and positive body image, scales are limited to members who are working with personal trainers on specific goals.

This past year the Pro Shop was renamed the Triton Trading Post. We have added a number of new items, including beverages (i.e. PowerAde, Vitamin Water, Core Power, and water). This was to supplement vending options with the closure of Jamba Juice in December.

The Triton Trading Post is committed to its convenience store-like atmosphere; providing items you may forget, in addition to products to more fully utilize our facility remain the number one goal. To that end we currently offer water bottles, shorts and shirts, swim goggles and caps, boxing gloves and hand wraps, yoga mats, pre-wrap, and simple toiletry kits. An assortment of Clif Bars will begin to be available in the near future and based on recent survey data, we will be looking into affordable options for such items as flip-flops for locker room and shower use, higher quality shorts and shirts, and potentially other UMSL gear.

How does it work?

The climbing wall is open to all members at no additional cost. The only thing required is to fill out an additional waiver at the climbing wall/equipment checkout desk. Once signed up, our staff will then assist you with a safety harness and climbing shoes. We have a selection of four top rope anchors and two auto-belays, depending on your preference you can choose which one you feel the most comfortable with.  

What if I don’t know what I’m doing?

This fall we will be hosting our Fundamentals of Climbing course. This workshop aims to introduce the various techniques involved with climbing, such as climbing techniques, commands, belaying, knots used for top rope climbing, and the equipment used at the RWC Climbing Center.

Further instruction can be found from our knowledgeable climbing wall attendants who are always willing to offer their help and instruction. We also provide a variety of routes for you choose from which are rated on their level of difficulty. If you’re still unsure of where to start, our staff can help guide you along the way.   

Can you extend the hours of the climbing wall?

After our first year of operation, we noticed a higher trend of participants climbing the wall during our current operating hours (M-Th., 3pm-9pm, Fri., 12-6pm). Although our top rope and auto-belay routes require the supervision of our climbing wall attendants, the bouldering wall is open during all Recreation and Wellness Center business hours. While these are our current hours, we will continue to evaluate the demand and cost of staffing to better accommodate our members.


The mid-morning closure was implemented spring semester 2016 while the mid-afternoon closure began at the start of the summer semester the same year.  These times saw fewer than 5 participants each day according to the number of visits recorded each hour by the staff.  Due to this survey, the pool will be open from 8-9:30am beginning with the summer schedule. We will explore opening the pool earlier in the morning, and if the morning opening is successful, we will determine the feasibility of opening the pool in the afternoon beginning in August.  The lifeguards will continue to track usage hourly, and those numbers will be analyzed monthly to ensure usage is consistent. 

Natatorium usage (backstroke flags, lap swim, diving board)

Based on data from last year, a schedule was implemented to strike a balance between lap swimming and open recreation swimming. We continue to monitor this usage and will make adjustments as necessary.

Backstroke flags were not part of the original design of the facility due to the nature of the pool. Being a recreation pool and not a competition pool, the design of the pool did not allow for backstroke flags to be installed. We continue to explore options to rectify this, but based on the set up of the pool we have yet to find something that works well. We will continue to explore options.

The diving board was installed strictly as an amusement/recreation feature and not for competition. Because of this, allowing members to perform competition dives, or adjust the fulcrum, is dangerous and something we need to restrict.

The water temp is kept at 84 degrees year round, as this is a recreation facility. This is not something we are able to change quickly, nor is it something able to lower due to the nature of the facility.


Times for swim lessons have been determined based on usage over the past year and a half. We continue to work with members to offer during the week and Saturday morning options in an effort to accommodate as many members as we can.   When a class doesn’t fill, we need to consolidate in order to be efficient. We make every effort to provide the times necessary for members, but sometimes schedules don’t allow for everyone.

The gym courts have become increasingly busy.  Open recreation remains the top priority, and one court is available at all times.  We avoid taking courts offline during peak times as much as possible outside of intramurals and student group reservations. All court reservations are listed on the TV screen as you enter the gym court area, and signage is posted for larger events.  Intramural schedules are available on our website for reference.  We will continue to monitor court play and will consider any other ways we can communicate court availability moving forward.      

While we do want to support all forms of activity, we do not take reservations for open recreation.  Gym court space is first come, first serve outside of programmed activities and reservations.  Individuals wanting to play should be allowed to work in to games.  All of the RWC building policies can be found here.  Gym court policies can be found on pages 21-22.    

The MAC Court was marked with badminton lines over winter break to assist with increased demand of badminton and pickleball.  We do have equipment available for checkout and you can request a staff member to setup a particular activity at any point the space is available.  We strive to offer options for everyone to participate in activities that they enjoy and feel there is a need to share court space with all activities, not just basketball. We do limit the ability to set up nets during certain times of the day, but overall encourage all members to ask for equipment and space for the activity of their choice when available. 

There were several comments regarding table tennis, we will be exploring the possibility of purchasing tables and finding space and time for members to participate in this activity.

Each semester we offer Lifting Weights 101, which is taught by a Certified Personal Trainer. The instructor will help its participants to familiarize themselves with our free-weight and selectorize equipment, they will also teach them how to spot and guide them to building their own workout program. Keep a look out for more information on these programs.

Several comments have been made about getting more squat racks, platforms, cable attachments, and other equipment on the first and third floor. This is will certainly be something we look into for the future as we look to order more equipment.

We encourage all of members to share equipment during peak hours and prohibit any holding or reserving equipment with towels or personal belongings. We also have a policy against members monopolizing equipment during their workouts.

We will certainly try to add as much equipment as we can, so that each floor is as diverse as possible. Even though we may not have a particular type of equipment on the third floor, it may be located on the first floor or there might even be some variation of it inside the facility. If you ever have trouble finding a piece of equipment, our fitness attendants are eager to help.

Olympic lifting can be a great form of exercise, when performed correctly.  The issue in an open recreation facility like the RWC is that the lifts are often not performed correctly and it can be very challenging to monitor.  Even a seasoned personal trainer may not have experience with Olympic lifting so it can be even more difficult for other staff and members to correctly monitor this lift.  While we understand there are individuals that have experience and know what they are doing, there are many that do not.  Our policy is in place in the best interest of all members and staff.  The leading factor driving all policy decisions is safety. 

Deadlifts are an acceptable lift, regardless of the weight being used by the participant.  As with any lift, it is up to the member to control the weight through the entirety of the lift.  Often in deadlifts, individuals tend to drop weight back to the floor too quickly on their last reps and/or with heavier weight.  This is both harmful to the equipment/facility and dangerous for the individual.  This is one of the most common times for an individual to injure themselves.  Controlling weight through the entirety of the lift can help you avoid injury, and perform the lift to see the intended results. 

We will continue to monitor trends in fitness, review particular Olympic lifts for safety, and make the best decisions moving forward for all participants.        

There were a number of requests for mirrors in front of the squat racks; we are currently investigating possibilities for moving equipment in order to accommodate this request.

Our student staff inspects and cleans each piece of equipment on a daily basis, but despite our best efforts we still have equipment that breaks or malfunctions (cable or wifi). However, we will continue to monitor these issues and make them a higher priority to inspect more often to increase our members experience.

The arrangement of equipment is partially dictated by the location of our outlets, so we are limited to an extent. We will look into different options to try and diversify the amount of equipment we have based on your requests.   


All RWC Instructors must have a certification on file for the specific format or a general group fitness instructor certification to teach at our facility. 

Class Times/Offerings

We do our best to plan a schedule that accommodates all members and their busy schedules.  We value your feedback and are continually making changes to the schedule to capture the most participants we can.  Unfortunately, adding classes means we need to remove classes that are underperforming. We aim to get 4-5 participants on average in a class and if it falls below this number it does have a risk of being removed from the schedule.

We strive to have a variety of classes for our members.  With requiring a certification for our instructors it can limit us to what classes are on the schedule. We are always searching for more instructors to join our team if you know of anyone interested.


Group fitness classes are included in your membership and do not cost an additional fee.  The class offerings and times are based upon participation numbers and feedback from interest surveys. We are continually adding classes and looking for ways to increase the variety and formats we offer and value your input in those decisions. 

Fee Based Fitness classes have a fee attached to them because the classes teach a special skill and are progressive in nature.  There are plans for the future to add more specialty classes and workshops to suit the needs of the UMSL community. 

Why do Personal Training?

Personal Training is an additional service that we offer for members and non-members who are looking to improve athletic performance, decrease injury risks, and increase self-efficacy and adherence. Our trainers work hard to keep with up with the standards within the health and wellness field, through continuing education and certifications from organizations that are nationally accredited.


In order to provide our members with quality trainers we must be able to competitively compensate our trainers compared to the St. Louis area. We try to make our prices as cost efficient as possible, especially for students. When compared to the prices of personal training at other gyms in the area our prices are about $12-$20 lower per session. Some of our trainers will be leading a few of our fee-based programs this summer and next semester, which can be a more cost-effective way of working out and meeting some of our trainers.

Finding a trainer

All of our trainer profiles can be found online, where you can see some of their qualifications. Additionally we provide each new potential client with one free consultation. Each consultation is 30 minutes, which allows the trainer and potential client to discuss long and short term goals, and review the clients’ health history information.

We will look into different marketing outlets so that we can reach out to more of our members and community on campus.


There were several comments about needing to advertise more so more members would know what IM sports are offered and when. The use of post cards and IMLeague emailing was utilized to get information out to everyone, but clearly that is not hitting everyone. We will be working on a more robust marketing plan for next academic year to ensure everyone is aware of the offerings.


Officials for intramural sports are student employees. This is a difficult position, officials and supervisors go through a robust training program, but they are still human and have a different perspective than those who are playing. We ask that you keep this in mind as you are playing and respect the officials.


Game times have been set based on the needs of the participants and facility availability. We will continue to work with participants to offer the best times possible for everyone to participate. We will explore the possibility of weekend and noon programming in the fall.

Rules for “open” leagues, as well as “co-rec”, are created to ensure everyone is provided equal opportunity to play. Having a goal, or score, worth more for a female participant provides more opportunity for females to participate.

IMLeagues is the platform used for the organization of intramural sports. This software provides us the ability to schedule easily, as well as communicate game times. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate; we will continue to work with the company to make suggestions for changes to assist participants.

IMLeagues provides an area where participants can sign up as a “free agent”. This option is used to help find a team for those participants who do not have a team. This is the best way we have available to help individuals find teams.


We continue to offer new sports upon request, and have tried several new sports this past year. We hope to add more events next year to provide as much variety as possible for participants.

The Whole U is an extension of the Recreation and Wellness Center and located in the Millennium Student Center.  It is a space for students, faculty, and staff to unwind, destress, and relax.  There are three private areas for napping, coloring books, Legos, and other various activities to help lower stress and unwind.  There are plans for the future to add more programming, massages, and a focus on marketing for this space. 

The facility does not have an area for us to provide childcare currently, but we are exploring ways we can incorporate limited child care in existing spaces. We encourage you to enroll your children in swim lessons, kid fitness, or summer camps.

RWC Building Policies (PDF 400KB)

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