University Services

University Health, Wellness, and Counseling Services(UHWCS)
UHWCS provides services to students, faculty and staff from a holistic perspective with consideration given to the six dimensions of wellness.  Our primary objective is to assist students in maintaining their optimum level of wellness so that they are able to achieve their maximum academic potential.  Services provided areorganized into three major areas within UHWCS: Health Services, the Wellness Resource Center, and Counseling Services.

Health Services– 131 MSC-(314) 516-5671
Services Offered: treatment of minor injury and illness, screening exams, immunizations, strep throat testing, pregnancy testing, well women’s exams (including Pap smear), birth control, flu shots, urinalysis, and allergy injections. Care is provided by Certified Nurse Practitioners who have collaborative practice agreements with local physicians. Consultation is offered on various issues and concerns, including chronic health problems. Assistance with referral to medical facilities is provided upon request and when necessary. Call or visit to schedule an appointment.

Student Insurance (optional)
An Accident and Sickness Insurance plan is available to students and their dependents. Information concerning premiums and coverage is available upon request from University Health Services located at 131 Millennium Student Center or call (314) 516-5671.

Immunizations: The University requires that students born after 1956 provide documented proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella, through current immunization records, or disease documentation by a health care provider.  Meningococcal vaccine is required for students residing in campus housing.  Tuberculosis (TB) screening is required for students in the following categories: lived for two months or more in Asia, Africa, Central or South America, Eastern Europe: health care workers and volunteers and employees of nursing homes, prisons or other residential institutions; or contact with a person known to have active tuberculosis.  Immunization records should be sent to Health Services.  Please refer to the immunization policy and form on the Health Services website.

Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan
Health services provides information and application forms for the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan

Wellness Resource Center – 180 MSC – (314) 516-5380
Staffed by the Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Prevention, and a Health Educator/Certified Medical Assistant, the Wellness Resource Center provides educational activities, brochures, books, and videos to encourage responsible decision making.  A variety of programs are sponsored by the Wellness Resource Center.  These include: smoking cessation consultation, classes, and support groups, alcohol issues support groups, sexual assault awareness, and Safe Spring Break. The Center also coordinates the Partners in Prevention Program for the campus.

Various outreach activities take place every semester for the purpose of providing information, raising awareness, and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.  Examples are: Breast Cancer Awareness, HIV Awareness, Heart Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Diabetes Awareness, Asthma and Allergies, Cancer, Sexual Responsibility, How to Stay Healthy While in College, Surviving Final Exams, Meningitis, TB Skin test, Flu, and Hepatitis Vaccine Information and Immunization Opportunities, CPR and First Aid classes. In addition, blood drives held each semester offer students an opportunity to give back to their community.

The Wellness Program provides an opportunity to take a health risk appraisal, explore the six dimensions of health, and get assistance with developing a personal wellness plan, which includes nutritional assessment and assistance with diet/nutrition management along with blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat percentage measurement.  Resources and consultation specific to the personal wellness plan are provided including suggestions for exercise, and stress management.

WAVES (Wellness Advocates Volunteering to Educate Students): University Health, Wellness, and Counseling Services Peer Education group. This group is comprised of students who work to educate the campus community, especially students, about making health lifestyle choices with regard to a variety of issues.  This group gives students involved the opportunity to make a difference in the health and wellness of fellow students while increasing their own knowledge on health and wellness issues and to serve as a liaison between the students and UHWCS. Applications may be downloaded from the Wellness Resource Centerwebsite.  

Counseling Services – 131 MSC – (314) 516-5711
Counseling Services Can Help:

Services offered include:

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling can help you navigate through times of stress and/or overcome barriers to your success.  It often helps to discuss issues with someone who is objective and can help you look at your situation from a new angle.  Our approach is to focus on your strengths and help you to help yourself.  Some of the common issues for which students seek counseling include stress/anxiety, depression, increasing self-esteem, relationship or family issues, loss and grief, a history of abuse, etc. We take the confidentiality of your contacts with us very seriously.  Except for the case of very extreme situations, both the content of counseling sessions and the fact that a student has used our services are kept strictly confidential.

Workshops and Presentations
Counseling Services offers special programs and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. Students groups and faculty are invited to call us for speakers on such topics as test anxiety, assertiveness, health relationships, dealing with difficult people, personality styles, etc.

Student Opportunities
Graduate students in Counseling, Psychology, or a related field are invited to apply for our internship/practicum program.  Interested students should contact Dr. Sharon Biegen, at (314) 516-5711.

Scheduling Appointments
The University Health, Wellness, and Counseling Services receptionist will be glad to arrange an appointment for you to meet with a counselor.  Call (314) 516-5711 or drop by our office at 131 Millennium Student Center.  In an emergency, students can usually be seen immediately.

Institutional Safety
The mission of the University of Missouri-St. Louis police department is to work cooperatively with the university community and within the framework of the Constitution, enforce the laws, preserve the peace, and provide a safe environment for the campus.

The police department an internationally accredited department is committed to professional management and to providing services in a manner that is responsive to community concerns. It pledges to be sensitive to the needs of those it serves.

The police department located in the TeleCommunity Center serves the students, faculty, and staff by providing year‑round campus security. The police are trained to give emergency aid in the event of accident or illness. All incidents should be reported immediately to the police department, telephone (314) 516‑5155.  A “911” phone number is available on all phones with a 516 prefix and should be used for emergencies only. These numbers are monitored 24 hours a day. Call for help or to report fire or any hazardous conditions. Emergency telephones on campus include the red A Hot‑Line phones, which are located in every building. In addition, there are a number of outdoor emergency phones that connect directly to the police dispatcher.  Also tips on crime prevention and other useful publications are available outside the police department office. 

An escort service is available 24 hours a day by calling (314) 516‑5155. All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to call the police for an escort if they feel uncomfortable walking to their car at night.  For information regarding services, contact the police by calling (314) 516‑5158, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For emergencies, call (314) 516‑5155 or 911.

Parking and Transportation
Traffic regulation is the responsibility of the Parking and Transportation Department, including issuance of faculty, staff and guest permanent and temporary parking permits. These permits may be picked up at the Parking and Transportation office, located at 7700 Florissant Road, (314) 516-4190.  Information on traffic regulations, parking, and campus maps can be obtained at the Parking and Transportation web site.

The parking and transportation department provides limited emergency vehicle service, at no charge, to vehicles on campus. Any person requiring such service (due to dead battery, empty fuel tank, flat tire, etc.) should call (314)516-5155 for assistance.

Academic Resources

The Writing Lab
This lab offers tutorial assistance to students working on papers for their classes.  No appointment is necessary, and tutors are prepared to help both undergraduate and graduate students in all the disciplines.  Issues covered in the lab include organization, sentence clarity, development, grammar, and usage.  The Writing Lab offers IBM computers for student use, and tutors provide computer assistance.  There is no charge for any Writing Lab service.

English-as-a-Second Language Program ( ESL )
The program provides assessment and supplementary ESL courses for international students.  Courses are listed under the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department.

Mathematics Lab
This lab offers individual assistance on a walk-in basis to students needing help with any mathematics from basic math through calculus or needing help with the mathematical skills required for a course in another discipline.  The Math Lab contains a small computer lab. Students or prospective students who are preparing to take the Mathematics Placement Test or C-Base Exam may come to the lab for help.  Review materials for the C-Base Exam are available on general reserve in the Thomas Jefferson Library.  Practice math placement exams are available at the University’s home page under: math placement information/math practice tests. There is no charge for any math lab service.

Math Precollegiate Courses
The center provides assistance for students needing to improve their skills in mathematics.  A three-credit hour (not toward a degree) course in Intermediate Algebra and a zero-credit workshop in Beginning Algebra are offered as semester-long lecture classes or as independent study courses with flexible beginning and ending options. Schedules for the courses can be found in the current Schedule of Courses.

Campus Testing Center
The center provides a controlled environment for students to take make-up exams or to test under conditions where special accommodations are needed and authorized. Students unable to take campus level exams e.g. Math Placement, Academic Profile in regularly scheduled group sessions may take them in the center for a fee. All testing is by appointment. Call (314) 516-6396.

Tutor Referral Services  
Students desiring a private tutor for a particular course should check with the appropriate academic department for a list of tutors. Some tutor names and phone numbers can be found on the tutor referral list Web site under the tutor referral services on the campus home page.  Times and costs are arranged by student and tutor.