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Schedule Planner Frequently Asked Questions

Will Schedule Planner work with all browsers?
Yes, Schedule Planner will work with all browsers.

When I try to launch Schedule Planner, the window will not open?
Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

I am trying to generate my schedule, but Schedule Planner gives me an error message, why?
schedule error

Make sure that your sessions filter matches the session for which the course is offered, OR you can change your session filter to reflect All Sessions, OR you can click the lock button for the courses you know for sure you want and then click Generate Schedules.

I tried clicking Generate Schedules, but it will not generate a schedule for me, why?
Make sure that the check boxes next to the courses are selected.

Why can I not add a permission number in the Schedule Planner?
You have to contact your advisor to get a permission number and then add the permission number in MyView and enroll in the course in MyView. Schedule Planner will just indicate that the class requires a permission number.