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MyView Upgrade

With the MyView upgrade, effective November 20,2012, there are a few changes. Click the links below for more details.

Navigating the Menus - New options for menu navigation
Getting the Left-Hand Menu to Display -  The left menu was replaced with a bread crumb menu across the top of the page.  But you can bring back the left-hand menu.
Faculty Advising Center - For Faculty advisors. The Student Services Center has been merged into the Advisor's Center.  The Advisor Center replaces the "advisees" tab on the Faculty Center and includes the ability for faculty advisors to remove holds (service indicators).
Service Indicators - For staff advisors, holds are now managed on the "Manage Service Indicators" page.  See the MyView Favorites page for information on setting a new favorite for this page.

Navigating the Menus

A. Use the menu across the top for "bread crumb" navigation (like UMSL employee's see in MyHR).
breadcrumb navigation

B. Click on the arrows to the left of menu choices until you reach the link you want.
left menu navigation

C. Click on a link in the left-hand menu and then continue navigating that menu on the main MyView page.
alternate nav 1

alternate nav 2

Getting the Left-Hand Menu to Display

You can get the left-hand menu back at any time by clicking on the Home link in the top right-hand area of the screen. This returns your MyView session to the page you get when you first login.
home link