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Admission Information for First-time Freshman Students

The University of Missouri System has a uniform policy for admission of freshman students to its four campuses. The procedure for regular admission from high school is based on high school class rank, performance on a standardized college aptitude test, and required high school units. Adult learners are defined as students who are outside of the "traditional" college student age (18-22). Students who are 24 or older applying for undergraduate admission as first-time college students are not required to provide standardized test scores for the purpose of admission.

Any high school graduate may be admitted with evidence indicating the fulfillment of the following requirements:

At least 17 units of credit (One unit=one year in class) as follows:

  • English: Four units. Two units emphasizing composition or writing skills. One of the remaining two units may be in speech or debate
  • Mathematics: Four units (Algebra 1 and higher)
  • Science: Three units not including general science, one of the three units must be a laboratory course
  • Social Studies: Three units
  • Fine Arts: One unit
  • Foreign Language: Two units of a single foreign language
  • Math and foreign language units may be accepted from middle/junior high school.

In addition to the 17-unit requirement, each applicant will be evaluated on high school rank and test score (ACT or SAT). Applicants with an ACT composite score of 24 or higher, SAT Total (Critical Reading and Math scores) of 1090 or higher, or redesigned SAT of 1160 or higher, will be admitted without regard to class rank.

If the ACT Composite score is between 17 to 23, SAT Total (Critical Reading and Math scores) is between 820 to 1080, or the redesigned SAT Total is between 900 to 1150, the applicant must meet the following high school class rank requirement or core GPA to qualify for admission.

ACT Score Combined SAT
Reading & Math
(Pre-March 2016)
*Redesigned SAT
(Post March-2016)
High School Class
Percentile Rank
23 1050-1080 1130-1150 48 2.80
22 1020-1040 1100-1120 54 2.90
21 980-1010 1060-1090 62 3.05
20 940-970 1020-1050 69 3.20
19 900-930 980-1010 78 3.35
18 860-890 940-970 86 3.50
17 820-850 900-930 94 3.65

*Students applying for Undergraduate Admission who attend high schools that do not rank will be evaluated on a combination of high school grade point average in the required core courses and standardized test scores.

Automatic Admission

Applicants who:

  1. Rank in the top 10% of the graduating class of a Missouri high school; and
  2. Complete the college preparatory curriculum, which includes at least 17 units of credit (four units each of English and math, three units of social studies, two units of a single foreign language, and one unit of fine art); and
  3. Submit an ACT/SAT score.

WILL be eligible for automatic admission to any campus of the University of Missouri.

Students with an ACT composite score under 18, a SAT total (CR+M) less than 860, or a redesigned SAT below 940, may be required to participate in the Learning Enrichment for Academic Performance (LEAP) program.

When to Apply

Qualified applicants are admitted and notified by letter of their admission in the order that completed applications are received. Applications for the upcoming Fall semester are processed beginning September 1 on the basis of six or more high school semesters.

Application Procedures

Students applying as first-­time freshmen (i.e., students applying directly from high school) need to submit the following:

  1. A completed Undergraduate Application
  2. High School Transcript and Class Rank.
    • A transcript must be sent directly from your high school to the UMSL Office of Admissions. The transcript should indicate class rank (for schools that rank), all coursework, and, when available, date of graduation. College aptitude test scores are required and may be submitted via this transcript or directly from the testing agency
    • Students from Non-Ranking High Schools:
      Students applying for Undergraduate Admission who attend high schools that do not rank will be evaluated on a combination of high school grade point average in the required core courses and standardized test scores.
  3. College Aptitude Test
    • Freshman admission requires that a test score be submitted from one of the following:
      • American College Testing Program (ACT):
        The ACT is administered at many locations across the country. Information is available from, or your high school counselor. The ACT School Code for UMSL is 2383.
      • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):
        The SAT is administered at many locations across the country. Testing information is available on the Collegeboard website. The SAT School Code for UMSL is 6889. 
      • Test-optional admission is also available. Test-optional means ACT/SAT scores will not be required for admission decisions, and applicants will have the option of being reviewed with or without standardized test scores. Review our test-optional policy and FAQs.

Admission Appeals

Applicants who do not meet the minimum admissions criteria may still be admitted, depending on evidence of likely success and campus enrollment objectives.

Additional factors considered for admission may include:

  • Completion of a rigorous college preparatory curriculum
  • Evidence of hardship or unusual circumstances that hindered academic performance
  • Significant work experience and/or family responsibilities
  • Improvement over time in high school academic record.

Students who fall short of the admission criteria have the option to submit a letter of appeal to address one or more of the factors above. The appeal letter should be addressed to the Admissions Appeals Committee, and additional letters of support are encouraged from teachers, counselors, or principals.

For additional information regarding admission requirements, contact the Office of Admissions at 314-516-5451 or by e-mail at


Upon graduation, applicants must submit a final high school transcript indicating their class rank (if available) and graduation date (sent directly from the high school). First-time freshmen are required to take the ALEKS placement assessment in mathematics.

Probationary Admission

It may be possible for applicants who do not meet the regular admission standards to be admitted on a trial basis. Applicants who do not meet minimum admission requirements can submit a letter of appeal to request probationary admission. The Admission Appeals Committee reviews each letter of appeal and makes decisions on a case-by-case basis.