The Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) was established by the Midwestern Higher Education Commission to increase interstate educational opportunities for students in its member states.

Students gain a more affordable opportunity to attend an out-of-state institutions, while participating institutions gain increased enrollment efficiency in programs with excess capacity.

Tuition Cost

Actual savings through MSEP varies from institution to institution. An MSEP student at UMSL pays 150 percent of the institution's regular resident tuition plus any required fees. For example, resident tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 school year are $342.50 per credit hour. Non-Resident tuition and fees for 2017-2018 are $910.90 per credit hour. MSEP tuition and fees for 2017-2018 are $513.75 per credit hour.  Translation... an undergraduate student enrolling in 30 credit hours would save almost $12,000 per year!  The current fee schedules are available from the Cashier's Office. (Tuition and fees may be revised in future years.)
Enrolling in the Program

The student applies for admission directly to institution of his/her choice. The student should print out and complete the MSEP application form (DOC 936KB) and return to the residency office.


Students will need to weigh the benefits of MSEP versus any other offered awards, scholarships, and credits, since participants are not eligible for the non-resident tax offset credit for Missouri taxpayers, or to petition for Missouri resident status. If a student opts for a dual major, the student will be required to rank them as primary and secondary majors. Only the primary major will be considered for eligibility in the MSEP.

In considering the rank order of the majors, students should understand that changing a major once they have advanced in their studies, could result in a loss of credit and/or loss of standing in the new major. This, in turn, could add to costs. Therefore, it is recommended that a student use care and weigh the options carefully when ranking their majors.

A student's enrollment will be checked each semester to verify they are in a participating MSEP program. If a student's major has changed to NON-participating program, they will be taken off the MSEP program.

A student must be off the MSEP program for one year before they can apply for Missouri Residency for Tuition purposes. Please contact our office for additional information, if you are considering this option.

Please submit page 1 of your most recent federal and state tax returns which shows your address and that the student is your dependent.

All supporting documents are required to be received by the Campus Residency Officer by the end of the eighth week of the current/future Fall or Spring Semester (by the end of the first week of the current/future Summer Session) for which Missouri Resident Status is sought. Petitions and/or evidentiary material arriving after these deadlines will be considered only for a subsequent semester.

Participating UMSL Degree Programs
Baccalaureate Programs Master's Programs Specialist Degree Progams  Doctorate Programs
Accounting Accounting Educational Specialist in School Psychology    Applied Mathematics
Anthropology Adult and Higher Education Biology
Art History Biochemistry/
Biology Criminology and Criminal Justice
Biology Business Administration Education
Business Administration Chemistry Information Systems
Chemistry Computer Science Nursing (With UMKC and UMC)
Communication Communication Physics (With UMR)
Computer Science Counseling Physiological Optics
Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminology and Criminal Justice Political Science
Early Childhood Education Economics Psychology
Economics Education Administration
Elementary Education Educational Psychology
Engineering - Civil Elementary Education
Engineering - Electrical English  
Engineering - Mechanical Fine Arts - Creative Writing
English Gerontology
French History
Health Science Management Information Systems   
History Museum Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies Music Education
Liberal Studies Nursing (With UMKC)
Management Information Systems    Philosophy
Mathematics Physics
Media Studies & Theatre Physiological Optics
Music Political Science
Music Education Psychology
Nursing Public Policy Administration
Philosophy Secondary Education
Physical Education Social Work
Physics Sociology
Political Science Special Education
Public Administration
Secondary Education
Social Work
Special Education
Studio Art
-Art Education
-Graphic Design Drawing