Pre-Admission Support Opportunities

  Applying to college can be stressful. Be a resource and calming presence for your loved one! Ask them what they need and how you can help. It might be that just lending a listening ear or acting as a sounding board is enough. Maybe they’ll need help meeting deadlines or clearing time and space to dedicate to making sure the transition to a new school is as successful as possible. Whatever it is, your support is key to making everything work.

  Even as a transfer student, financing college can seem like an uphill battle. Offer to help explore the financial aid, scholarship opportunities, payment plans, and even employer paid benefits available. Students applying to UMSL have the unique opportunity to work directly with UMSL academic advisors even before being accepted.. Becoming familiar with the transfer process can help in ensuring credits transfer and in understanding just what requirements will remain to be completed at UMSL. Encourage your loved one to connect with an academic advisor soon!


Post-Admission Checklist

   Get excited about their admission to UMSL! This is HUGE and life changing, so celebrate with them! Show them you believe in them and be their cheerleader. They’ll need your support along the way.

   Think about the logistics of balancing school with family and work responsibilities. Are there ways you can help your loved one with this transition? Will they have a space to study? Are there any caregiver responsibilities you can take off their plate? Can you help make sure time for schoolwork is a priority in the new student’s schedule?

   There will be a number of emails and messages coming from different departments on campus. Encourage your loved one to keep track of their emails (personal and UMSL accounts) and respond early and often to outreach messages.

   Discuss how your loved one can best utilize their UMSL student success team. Examples include having them reach out to their recruitment specialist, financial aid representative, and academic advisor.

   Have a brainstorming session to help prepare a list of questions for UMSL’s student success team.

   Help your loved one get the financial part of school in order. File FAFSA, research scholarships, and understand UMSL’s payment options and deadlines.

   Let your loved one know you believe in them, you support them, and you’re a partner in their success.