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Excel & PDF Files

The following files have been developed for campus use. Please note that the Excel files are protected spreadsheets. You may only type in the areas that are shaded in yellow.  This is to protect the formulas and formats embedded in the sheets. You will find comment tags that help to explain some of the areas of the spreadsheet. To read a comment tag, move your mouse pointer over the small red triangle that appears in the upper right-hand corner of a cell.

Please note that the PDF forms can be completed and printed, but cannot be saved if you are using the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All UMSL faculty and staff must use the PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses (T&E) module for travel reimbursements. Go to the Travel & Expenses Login Page to access, complete, and submit your travel reports online. Receipts should be scanned, then attached to the ER within PeopleSoft.

T&E training and reference materials can be found on the AS/AP website.

Travel Reimbursement Forms - For Non-Employees ONLY

  Description    File Type

Major Form Revision Date 

File Last   Updated 

Employee Moving Expense 
Reimbursement Request (UM17-STL)
St Louis Campus Use ONLY

EXCEL APR13 04/09/2013

General Voucher (UM12-STL) - 
St Louis Campus Use ONLY

EXCEL FEB02 04/05/2002
Gift Card Approval Form (In order to use interactive format open with Adobe product.  Whether Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.)
PDF MAY17 05/04/2017
EXCEL MAY17 05/04/2017
EXCEL JUL01 08/10/2001
EXCEL JUL01 09/24/2001
Funding Commitment Form
St Louis Campus Use ONLY
PDF DEC13 12/04/2013
EXCEL JUL01 08/30/2001

Express Check Request Form - 
St Louis Campus Use ONLY

EXCEL MAR05 03/25/2005

Wire Transfer Authorization - 
St Louis Campus Use ONLY

EXCEL SEP06 06/25/2007

Alcohol Form #1 - 
St Louis Campus Use ONLY 

PDF OCT04 10/05/2004

Payroll Correcting Entry (PCE) Form (over 60 days)

EXCEL MAY16 05/04/16

BPM 407 Portable, Sensitive Inventory

WORD OCT15 10/08/15
Inventory Template EXCEL SEP01 10/08/15

Alcohol Form #2 - 
St Louis Campus Use ONLY

PDF OCT04 10/05/2004