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Fiscal Officer Information

New Senior Fiscal Officer's Training Guide (PDF 113KB)

Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line

On December 10, 2007, the University of Missouri implemented a Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line (FMRL).  To access the FMRL, you can call a toll-free number, 
1-866-447-9821, or log on to  You can also access the Reporting Line through the UM Finance and Administration
or Internal Audit websites.  Additional information regarding the Reporting Line can be found at the Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line website.

This reporting line is not intended to replace or supersede other avenues of reporting which currently exist at the university (e.g., supervisors, Deans/Directors, etc.),
but serves as an additional way for individuals to report fraud or fiscal misconduct so that appropriate action can be taken to resolve the issue.  Individuals may choose
to identify themselves or have the ability to remain anonymous when reporting concerns if they so choose.

The Senior Fiscal Officer meetings are tentatively scheduled for the third Thursday of every other month.  However, room availability or holidays may require a modification to that schedule.

Previous Meeting Materials

Attached communication from President Middleton regarding the implementation of SB 997 (DOC 19KB)