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MasterCard Corporate Travel Card

Use of Card 
The university-sponsored J P Morgan Chase (formerly First USA Financial-Paymentech) MasterCard Corporate Travel Card may be issued to any full-time employee who travels on university business at least two times a year.

The university MasterCard Corporate Travel Card is issued for travel and related expenses associated with university business. All authorized employees are encouraged to use the corporate card for University travel expenses including hotels, restaurants, car rentals, cash advances, and airfare. Reimbursement for travel expenses will be made by the university to employees following standard procedures. The employee is solely responsible for payment to MasterCard for all charges made on the card.

Use of the corporate MasterCard is for business purposes only. Transactions posted to your account may be reviewed by university administrators, including your supervisor or administrative superior. 

Failure to pay charges in a timely manner will result in late fees and suspension or revocation of charge privileges. Accounts 60 days past due are suspended and subject to a finance charge of 2.5%. Accounts 90 days past due are canceled. Only you may use your University MasterCard Corporate Travel Card. The university has no responsibility for charges made on your Corporate Travel Card.

As a university employee and MasterCard Corporate Travel Cardholder, you are personally liable for any charges made on the card issued to you. If a check for payment of your MasterCard bill is returned for insufficient funds, the amount of the check will be billed back to your Corporate Card by MasterCard and a service charge will be applied to your account. MasterCard reserves the option to suspend or cancel a corporate card for any reason. If an account is taken to court for collection procedures and a judgment is awarded to MasterCard, that determination is a matter of public record.

Cash for Travel 
If your card was authorized for cash access, you will receive your PIN number in a separate mailing.

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) program allows cardholders to obtain cash travel advances or emergency cash at over 529,000 ATMs located worldwide, 24 hours a day, when you travel on university business. For assistance in locating the nearest ATM you can use the ATM locator at or call 1-800-270-7760.

The university will reimburse the cash advance fee, plus any additional charges imposed by the ATM network, to the extent the advance was needed for business travel.

University Travel Related Policies

Accountable Plan Rules: 
The university has an accountable plan that allows it to reimburse employees for authorized business expenses with no effect on compensation. Under this plan, the employee must:

For expenses reported more than 60 days after the end of the trip on which the expenses are paid or incurred, documentation of the reason for the delay must be provided. Reimbursement will be subject to the availability of funds, and the department responsible for funding will have the discretion of denying the reimbursement. If reimbursement is made it will be added to taxable compensation.

Travel by commercial airline or rail should be at the lowest available fare. A receipt is required for reimbursement if amount exceeds $75.

Reasonable and necessary amounts are allowed for lodging. A receipted, itemized statement furnished by the hotel or motel is required for all lodging expenses.

Meals eaten individually are reimbursed at per diem rates.  Meals with official University guests reimbursed at actual cost.  See Current Meal Allowances for more information.

Other Expenses: 
Reimbursements will be made for other expenses under the following circumstances:

Expenses Charged to Sponsored Gifts, Grants or Contracts: 
Reimbursement of expenses to be charged to sponsored gifts, grants or contracts made to the university for research, instruction, or other purposes must be in full compliance with the specific terms and instructions of the gift, grant or contract as well as this policy. In the event a gift, grant or contract specifically provides for special arrangements for accountability of travel expenses, this fact must be noted on the travel form.

Travel With Spouses:
When spouses travel with university employees, but are not themselves serving as agents of the university, travelers should be careful to maintain a record of individual expenses. The university will not reimburse any expenses incurred on behalf of the spouse.

Combining Personal and Business Travel: 
In cases where a traveler, for personal convenience, travels by an indirect route or interrupts travel by the direct route, or extends a trip, any additional expenses will be the sole responsibility of the traveler.

Car Rental Agreements 
The university currently has rental agreements with the following companies. Cardholders must provide ID numbers to receive university discounts. 

Company ID Number Reservations
Enterprise - can be charged on Procurement Card G19912 1-800-325-8007
National - See Procurement website  5003327 1-800-227-7368

Methods of Payment 
Your corporate travel account is due in full each month and can be paid using any of the following methods:

PaymentNet Web Site 
The PaymentNet web site allows you to review your current card activity, view your credit card statement, dispute charges, and make your payment all online.

System Requirements

Accessing PaymentNet 

PaymentNet Information 
PaymentNet Cardholder Manual

If you need aditional assistance contact Faith Lucas at 314-516-5090.

Lost or Stolen Card 
In the United States or Canada call J P Morgan Chase toll-free at 1-800-270-7760 immediately to report lost or stolen cards/accounts, cancel the card/account, and order a replacement card.  Please also notify the UMSL Corporate Travel Card Program Administrator by calling Accounting Services at 314-516-5090.

Outside of the United States call J P Morgan Chase collect at 1-801-281-5825.

MasterRental Insurance Coverage 
When you received your MasterCard Corporate Travel Card, you should have also received a document explaining the MasterRental Insurance Coverage.  If you have questions, or to confirm coverage for a particular vehicle, and for filing a claim call 1-800-MC-ASSIST

Billing and Account Information 
In the United States or Canada call J P Morgan Chase toll-free at 1-800-270-7760.  Outside of the U.S. call J P Morgan Chase collect at 1-801-281-5825.

24-Hour Worldwide Cardmember Services 
In the United States or Canada call J P Morgan Chase toll-free at 1-800-270-7760.  Outside of the U.S. call J P Morgan Chase collect at 1-801-281-5825.

Termination of Employment 
If employment is terminated for any reason, the card must be returned to the UMSL Corporate Travel Card Program Administrator (cut in half if sent by mail) prior to your last day of employment.

UMSL Corporate Travel Card Program Administrator 

Faith Lucas
Accounting Services
204 Woods Hall