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Long-Term Travel Cash Advances


A University of Missouri-St. Louis employee traveling on university business outside the United States for a period of one to six months may obtain a long-term travel cash advance.


A long-term travel advance may be issued only to those employees of UMSL who

  • are in "Active" payroll status - AND -
  • will be traveling on university business OUTSIDE of the United States - AND -
  • will be traveling for a period of one to six months

Travelers requesting an advance must

  • submit their request using the online PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses system's Cash Advance feature
  • request funds only for university related travel expenses that will be submitted for reimbursement
  • repay the advance within 21 calendar days after completion of the trip


    • Log onto the PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses system
    • Select:
      • Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Center > Cash Advance > Create
    • Complete the fields on the form as follows:
      • GENERAL INFORMATION section...
        • Description: Destination
        • Business Purpose: Select correct purpose from the drop-down list
        • Comment (All of the following information must be included in this section):
          • Departure Date
          • Date of Return
          • MoCode or Department that will be reimbursing expenses
          • Detailed purpose of trip
      • DETAILS section...
        • Source: Select ACH from the drop-down list
        • Description: Type in "Long term advance"
        • Amount: Total amount of cash advance requested
    • Click the "Submit" button to transmit your request
    • The traveler's HR Supervisor will receive email notification of the request
    • The HR Supervisor must log onto the PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses system in order to approve the Cash Advance
    • Once approved by the HR Supervisor, System Administration will receive email notification of the request
    • System Administration reviews and affixes final approval of the Cash Advance
    • The traveler will receive an automated email confirming final approval of the cash advance
    • The traveler will receive a second automated email from PeopleSoft when payment of the advance has been processed



Is there a limit on the amount that may be taken out as an advance?

The advance is limited to the amount of the anticipated expenses that will be reimbursed by university accounts.


How is the advance repaid?

Within 21 days of their return, the traveler must prepare an Expense Report (ER) using the PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses module. The traveler will need to "apply" the original cash advance to the ER.

  • If expenses are GREATER THAN the amount of the advance, the traveler will receive reimbursement for the difference.
  • If expenses are LESS THAN the amount of the advance, the traveler must write a check (payable to the University of Missouri) for the difference and deliver the check to Accounting Services, 204 Woods Hall


5090 - Faith Lucas, Manager