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EC@UMSL Officers

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Meet the EC@UMSL Officers 

Current Officers
EC@UMSL brings together UMSL students that are dedicated to furthering their educational and professional goals as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and venture capitalists. The club would not be able to provide its events, meetings, networking opportunities and more, if it were not for the club officers. UMSL Accelerate would like to give a special thanks to the club officers for making EC@UMSL what it is today. 
Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 EC@UMSL Officers
Andrew Vaughn Headshot
Andrew Vaughn

Yaniv Dudaie Headshot

Yaniv Dudaie
Vice President

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Luke Knudsvig

UMSL Accelerate Logo

Qumars Jadali
Davontae Anderson Headshot

Davontae Anderson

Marketing Manager 
Alex Zvibleman Headshot
Alex Zvibleman
Program Manager
Past Officers
UMSL Accelerate would not be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of the founding officers. They recognized the need for an organization on UMSL campus for the growing number of student innovators and entrepreneurs on campus. Thank you for setting the foundation of this unique organization! 
Spring 2017 EC@UMSL Officers
M Haque Headshot
Mashiyath Haque
Founding President 

Esther Davis Headshot

Esther Davis
Operations Manager

Tamas Javor Headshot

Tamas Javor
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