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Principles of Social Entrepreneurship

Course Title: Principals of Social Entrepreneurship
Course Code: EDUC 2002
Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Theresa Coble
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Employers in any industry are increasingly expecting applicants to have a basic understanding of the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship and students who complete this course will be positioned to differentiate themselves when competing for employment in any field. Designed and taught by practicing entrepreneurs, this course is for students who are interested in understanding how the theories and skills of entrepreneurship can be used to not only build financially sustainable businesses, but also impact a particular population or community issue. While many of the management concepts and frameworks of commercial entrepreneurship apply to social ventures, this course will explore them in a social context while also addressing those issues that are unique to the nonprofit and social sectors. Even if a student is not interested in starting a mission based-venture of his or her own, this class will provide marketable skills for future professionals of any field. The class is specifically designed for students from all majors and degree levels and prior experience in entrepreneurship – or a desire ever to become an entrepreneur in the future – are neither required nor expected.