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Education Entrepreneurship

Education Entrepreneurship
Undergraduate can now receive an entrepreneurship certificate in "Education Entrepreneurship" at UMSL. With this certificate, students must take at least 9 hours (3 courses) of the courses listed below.

EDUC 2222 Interpretation: Connecting Audiences and Meaning 3
EDUC 3170 Grant Proposal Writing for Educators 3
ED FND 3251 Black Americans in Education 3
ED FND 4330 History of American Education through the Lens of Social Justice 3
ED PSY 2212 Child and Adolescent Development 3
ED REM 4730 Program Assessment and Evaluation 3
ED TECH 4302 Educational Technology Instruction in Educational Agencies 3
MKTG 3721 Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies 3
THEATR 3362 Storytelling 3

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